Terms & Conditions

Order Booking:

Once Ordered; No Cancellation No Exchange(As soon as order is booked the production process will start immediately).

Proof Reading:

Customers are requested to check the proof thoroughly and approve it at the specified time. If not, the delivery date will be postponed.

Delivery Schedule :

Our aim is to deliver the goods on time. Sometime it may also change due to disturbances of nature.

Printing Matters :

Please give us correct and complete matter at the first instance.


There will be slight variation in shade & weight of the Paper/Board from the Mill/Handmade unit.

Printing colors :

We take utmost care in executing your valued orders. There will be slight variation in printing colours which is due to various raw material inputs.

Material Wastage:

In the process of printing there is likely a wastage of 2% to 3% will occur which cannot be avoided. It is globally accepted.

Complaints :

Please inform us if any complaint within 24 hours of your delivery.

Kind Attention :

All boards (Metallic, Handmade, Imported Boards & Papers) will tend to unavoidable variations such as colors,shades,thickness,stiffness and bulkness due to various raw material input while manufacturing. So, Kindly bear with us for the inconvenience.

About Us

Shastra Cards have pushed the boundaries of wedding card collection that you can select or completely personalize the cards to your individual style, theme and budget. It couldn't be easier in just few interactions our designer will bring your ideas to life. To help you lower the cost of your invitations without compromising on style and quality, you can also choose from the collection of more than 1000 wedding card designs.

Types of inivtations we offer:

  • Hindu Wedding Cards
  • Muslim Wedding Cards
  • Christian Wedding Cards
  • Special Occasion Cards
  • Birthday Invitations


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